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Passive income from real estate investments - my personal story

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Avi Ohad - President Ohad Investment Group
Avi Ohad - President at "Ohad Investment Group"

I have been living and breathing real estate for a decade now though my business routes have started specifically in the field of retail with chain stores in 16 States across the United States. This is how I also started my first foothold in the real estate market. Over the years, I invested every available Dollar from my profits by purchasing real estate of all kinds and types of buildings before or after renovations with or without tenants, private homes, commercial space and more. The dream of passive income made me study the field thoroughly and deeply and professionally - by being out there in the field! At the same time, the retail sector has experienced great changes in these years that required me to think differently, new and I was facing a crossroad Whether to take my real estate portfolio to a local management company or continue to manage it independently. I quickly discovered that if I transferred my management to a management company, the pension dream would go further and further away and I would have to go to full-time work.Then I decided to set up a management company - one that works differently from the others or from the one I knew and to serve my investors with full transparency. In addition, my biggest fear was that if I gave my assets with hundreds of tenants to another management company, they would liquidate my profit and cut me sharply.

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That's how I founded Ohad Group, a company that aims to work with 100% transparency. And to provide knowledge, experience and personal guidance from my private experience to my investors - because that is what makes the difference.Every investor is a partner and I am committed to helping my investors find investment opportunities for them. Even small investors can take part in real estate investing and enjoy passive income and build a better future for themselves.That's why I'm in the field, and so are all of my staff and construction and renovation teams, we all live in Cincinnati and are within easy reach of the assets under my management. So that every malfunction / repair / renovation, payment of accounts, etc., all documented in video and / or pictured and includes accurate details of the name of the work, work time, cost of materials, etc. My investors can see at any given moment throw a management system (with a user name and a personal password) called asset management (LCS). The investors see exactly what I or my employees see on the office computers.

I believe in trust and cooperation, quick response and full transparency. You are welcome to call me for a free initial consultation at 5134265202 and we will find you the right property for you!

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