Common questions

In assumption that I’m not a us citizen. Do I need to open a company or can I purchase by name?

You can purchase property in any of these ways. what is important is to get a tax id number in the United States taxation system

What happens if a tenant does not pay rent?

Each tenant must pay rent at the first of the month throughout the duration of the contract. 


Under the contract there is a grace period of up to the fifth of the month (first month sometimes falls on holiday weekends, etc.). If the tenant fails to pay up to the fifth, we will attach to the door of his home a three days evacuation notice which complies the tenant to leave the property or pay within 3 days. If he had not done so, we submit the documents to a lawyer that immediately sets a date for evacuation court to decide whether the tenant can pay the entire amount including court costs or to leave the property within seven days. This process takes roughly a month and a half.

Who cares for Property Insurance?

We are working with an insurance agency for over 5 years with excellent conditions in accordance with the type of property and the owner's demand.

What is the best time to come and tour the city?

From April to November because the winter is cold here :)

How do I know what is the status of the property before buying?

There are several companies in the city town called home inspection company's providing a thorough review of the property and worth. an external objective entity that can help you make a decision to purchase. 

Do you send me monthly reports on the property? 

Of course. Every month regularly. The first two weeks of each month you will get a report on the previous month which will show you the payments. In addition, any investor has a username and password to the online property management software. To be able to follow the property from everywhere.

What if I want to sell my property?

We work with a licensed and one of the largest real estate companies in the United States kw. We can advertise the property for sale in hundreds of locations around the world to attract investors from around the world.

Do I need a lawyer and an accountant?

Hiring a lawyer for the purpose of consultation is the right of every person and given up to you. CPA are committed to have a Certificate of specialization in the United States.

We can recommend a number of companies that you can choose if you like.