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"Ohad Group" real estate investment and asset management is a built in hands fieldwork company. Entrepreneur and founder of the company, Mr. Avi Ohad who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio tells the story: 

"When I first started in real estate I did not design it to be the business focus of my life, I wanted an overall passive income to start my pension fund. At that time I owned a network of stores across the United States. As time progressed and the number of private investment apartments of mine increased, I decided to devote myself entirely to real estate investment field"

When my infrastructure for the management of my owned apartments was based. I opened a channel for managing assets and investments in the area where I lived and specialized in Cincinnati, Ohio. And together with Realty company Keller Williams we have raised hundreds of properties and tenants for our investors.

Today, our company has more than 25 employees and we run about 500 apartments. Investments ranging from private homes, apartment buildings and commercial spaces.

Our services include brokerage for buying and selling assets, recruitment of tenants and rental apartments.

Building maintenance, payment collection, tenants service and more. Also available to us are teams of professional builders qualified, experience and trustworthy with competent licensed, specializing in renewal, repair and general maintenance of buildings and property investment. We perform all types of renovations: plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, roofs, windows, trimming grass, ice removal and new construction. 

Ongoing management of assets include:

Our Team

Mr. Avi ohad - entrepreneur and founder of the company. real estate broker licensed by the company Keller Williams . With experience in US real estate investment management in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2009.

Britney Folden

Director of tenant relations

Joy Deandra

Office Manager

Dakota Handorf

field operations manager

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