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Investing in Real Estate Abroad - Economic Stability or Risky Adventure?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Ohad Group Investments is producing in Cincinnati Ohio USA

The high real estate prices in Israel are pushing investors to wander from overseas and seek alternatives abroad. The ongoing process of rising housing prices in Israel distances investment opportunities for small or medium-sized private customers.

Evidence of this is the global real estate market that is flourishing these days, especially the attractive and fascinating real estate market in the US, which attracts many Investors to investments and acquisitions, and gives real opportunities to investment channels that will bring economic stability and a proper return on your money.

And then the question arises as to whether real estate investments give you financial stability, the answer is yes ... yes ... yes

So how do you start investing in real estate in a quiet mind?

Since we are talking about investing overseas, we would prefer that whoever takes care of my investment will be a company in which we trust and was recommended to us through friends or acquaintances in the country or region in which we want to invest.

Avi Ohad, CEO of Ohad Group, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, explains: Once the phone has rang we enter the picture and accompany the investor with local expertise, professional accompaniment and personal attention through the handling of purchases, payments, collection, renters and local tax. We offer our clients peace of mind in everything related to their real estate investment - and they are doing it!

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So where do investors invest?

An investor who understands the market knows that an effective investment in real estate is not related to the appearance of the property and not to the environment in which the asset is located, but rather to the demand of the local market in which it invests.

One of the hottest real estate investment destinations this year is Cincinnati, Ohio, and the city continues to grow stronger and shows signs of economic stability and strong growth over the past few years.

Zillow site The popular real estate site from the US crowned Ohio as 1 of 10! recommended countries for real estate investments and the city of Cincinnati with steady employment growth, consistent population growth and lower-than-average asset prices and stable financial value of assets consistently conserved with low cost of living, making Cincinnati a solid and stable investment.

Confidence in the stability of the city can be seen in the growing number of investments by foreign investors, large and small real estate investors who buy apartments, private homes, buildings and commercial space.

The prices are tempting, the demand for assets is growing, the market that operates under a clear system of laws shows stability and prosperity and continues to rise and grow.

And the occupants enjoy rental contracts and safe tenants, payments and fixed income so that the investment is safe and stable.

Keys to the house - investment houses in Cincinnati

Ohad Group is a locally owned company. buying, selling and managing properties in the Cincinnati Ohio area from 2009 with a personal approach to each investor, specializing in yield-producing properties with a wide range of private homes, apartment buildings and commercial areas.

Today we have more than 25 employees and we manage about 500 tenants for investors from private homes to apartment buildings. We also have reliable and talented construction and renovation teams specializing in renovation and general maintenance of buildings and investment properties.

Call us for a free initial consultation and we will find the right location for you!

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