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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Cincinnati Ohio - the hottest place to invest in 2019

One of the challenges in real estate investing is to identify the next trend - real estate location with low market prices that yield stable returns and high profits.

A real estate gem with enormous potential is Cincinnati, Ohio, which has been chosen as one of the hottest real estate targets of recent years. As a "real estate promise," it offers many options that are very worthwhile to investors from all over the world.

The window of opportunity that has opened in the US in the past few years after the crisis in 2008, to invest in assets with stable yields, gave Cincinnati the necessary impetus, and the city gained momentum with investments from around the world.

Cincinnati, Ohio the third largest and historic city, is located on the Ohio River, in the middle of the Triangle States - Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, with historic museums, famous baseball teams, parks and family attractions.

Already in its early years Cincinnati became an American pioneer in a number of areas with accelerated development of trade and industry and here was born the first soap in the history of Proctor & Gamble - a multinational corporation of consumer goods.

Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati Ohio

The housing market in Cincinnati has a number of unusual combinations - steady employment growth, consistent population growth and lower-than-average asset prices.

In addition, the monetary value of assets is consistently maintained with low cost of living, making the choice for solid and stable investment for buyers interested in the city easy.

Cincinnati has all the conveniences of an urban lifestyle with access to night life, shopping, restaurants and great culture, along with excellent public and private schools, beautiful green areas and one of the strongest and oldest metropolitan areas in the United States with a stable and strong economy, , And vibrant commercial and cultural life.

The center of some of the world's largest companies is located in Cincinnati and its environs, such as Procter & Gamble, Macy's, the logistics center of Amazon, Google, General Electric, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

According to Forbes, Cincinnati has been voted for the second year in a row as one of the most recommended cities for investment in the US for 2019 with impressive growth and excellent opportunities to invest in properties compared to the rest of the United States.

Real estate market trends indicate an increase in home sales in the last year, due to a large supply of private homes, buildings and commercial space for sale. Cincinnati house prices are the highest in Ohio, although daily expenses such as goods and transportation are lower than the national average.

If you are considering buying a safe and stable investment property that will find its full potential, Cincinnati is an attractive and hot destination!

Investing in Ohio Cincinnati
A view of Cincinnati from the Ohio River

So why us?

Because we are Ohad Group a locally owned company. buying, selling and managing properties in the Cincinnati Ohio area from 2009 with a personal approach to each investor, specializing in yield-producing properties with a wide range of private homes, apartment buildings and commercial areas.

Today we have more than 25 employees and we manage about 500 tenants for investors from private homes to apartment buildings. We also have reliable and talented construction and renovation teams specializing in renovation and general maintenance of buildings and investment properties.

Call us for a free initial consultation and we will find the right location for you!

Call us for a free initial consultation and we will find the right location for you!

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