"Ohad Group"

Asset Management in Cincinnati, Ohio

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give" (Winston Churchill) 

garbage disposal

Regular trash collection made for the benefit of tenants and property owners.

Gardening / ice removal

It is a snowy winter in Ohio, we take care of routine maintenance snow removal and landscaping of the area on a regular basis.

City tax

Regular payment of municipal taxes such as property taxes and water.  not having to deal with bureaucracy 

Insurance policy

We work with reliable insurance companies and recognized market at unbeatable prices. Investment with peace of mind. 


"Buying real estate is not the best way the quickest way the safest way but the only way to become wealthy"

(marshal field) 

24/7 maintenance 

trustworthy and senior staff always available to treat a variety of subjects such as plumbing, electrical, gardening, home improvement, etc.

Calling service

calling service for tenants 24 hours a day throughout the year

Payment Collection

Charging rent on a regular basis, payment procedures and evacuation in the event of failure to pay on time.

Finding tenants

Finding trustworthy tenants is an art. We have many tools for finding quality tenants including background checks.

Investment houses in Ohio and Cincinnati

Asset management at the highest level for you.

At the first time in the field, we record all activities undertaken in the property with a special software that allows your immediate update as our investor.


All documents including contracts, receipts for goods/materials, electricity bills etc. are scanned and uploaded to the software to allow you to access information at any time using a username and password.


Any amendment we are doing any maintenance work done is documented in detail using: photos or videos, an accurate record of the incident by the employee who came to address the issue, receipts for materials needed for the repair and signed by the tenant on the details of the work described by the employee. We take care of your property all day every day, all year round, all with full transparency.