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Asset Management in Cincinnati, Ohio



"Ohad Group" is a locally owned boutique company. We buy, sell and manage properties in the Cincinnati, Ohio area since 2009. We give personal attention to each investor specializing in yield-bearing assets with a diversified portfolio of private homes, apartment buildings and commercial areas. Investment yields are among the highest in the United States.

Buying & Selling

Our company specializes in finding properties in the quickest time through field work and years of experience. We collaborate with the one of the largest Real Estate companies in the United States “Keller Williams”. In addition, if you decide you want to sell the property, we will post the property in more than 500 sites worldwide to find you a suitable buyer in the fastest possible time.

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Renovation & Maintenance

Our construction crew includes over 25 qualified, talented and licensed employees. Our employees have extensive experience and are highly reliable in repairing and general maintenance of the buildings and property investment. We perform all types of renovations: plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, roofs, windows, trimming grass, ice removal and new construction. 


Finding tenants

"Ohad Group Inc." We work with dozens of nonprofit organizations who finance the rent for tenants to create a safety net that will ensure the rental income every month.

Property Management

Our company provides you with a professional property management service that gives you peace of mind while maintaining and supervising your assets with minimum expenses, maximizing the yield and improving the property. Personal attention and service is provided to tenants throughout the day

What People Say

"US real estate courses teach the importance of always finding a contact person that you can trust and that they should be the key person to work with in the area of your investment. Avi is that man. I can trust Avi with my eyes closed and sleep peacefully while Avi and his company are operating my investments. Avi is this man they talk about. Professional and reliable, has a natural aptitude to know where to invest, and how to make minimum turn into maximum".

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Transaction Profile

Buying a building with several apartments (2-12 apartments)

Types of houses


Private home


Quad - family house 

Three-family house 

Remodeling, renovation and preparation 

Average rental prices


One Bedroom-$550-$650

Two Bedroom-$650-$850

Three Bedroom-$800-$1000

Four Bedroom-$1000-$1300

Five Bedroom & More-$1300-$1500

One of the highest yields in the US


With us you have peace of mind


We live in Cincinnati! All the company's employees live in the city and provide professional property management service that gives you peace of mind and a personalized service.


We offer full transparency - to make it easy and simple to manage remote assets. 

 With Our office system access and special asset management software. We Attach photos and videos of any malfunction, repair remodeling etc. and upload content immediately.



"ohad Group" is locally owned boutique firm that manages a limited number of investors with personal attention to every investor.

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